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Author: AJ Priela

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Family woman, restaurateur, model and writer Bambi Young shares how Happy Go Bambi was born. Find out how it all started and learn how you can follow suit.  

Digicon Chairman Eduardo Mapa, Jr. talks about immersive storytelling and how it contributes to effective marketing of brands and services.  

Shakey's President and CEO Vic Gregorio tells us how women leaders in the workplace was able to influence and motivate him to succeed. Be sure to celebrate all the women in your life - your friends, your mother, your partner,

As Todd Henry said, there is progress being made towards gender equality. Let us continue to move forward and achieve that goal and nurture a culture which empowers all women around the world.  

Carlo Ople, PLDT's VP for Digital Marketing Strategy, on his most challenging problem he faced in the workplace and how he was able to overcome that problem.  

For advertising queen and mom-preneur Merlee Jayme, it's not about age. It's about the will to succeed.  

As Project Ripple celebrates #womensmonth, here's a wonderful message to all working moms out there from the Advertising Queen Bee and Chairmom herself, Merlee Jayme. Happy Women's Day!  

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