It’s the time of the year again: togas and tassels, diplomas and awards, caps in the air. But after that, a baffling question hounds 2018’s fresh graduates: “So what now?” Those who find a career right away are the lucky ones. But for a majority of the job seekers’ market, finding that “yellow brick road” towards the dream career can be daunting. Employers won’t come knocking on your doorstep asking for your resume. You need to build your own door of opportunity and make your potentials known to the world.

There’s good news, though: according to this year’s report from, 95% of their respondent companies are hiring more personnel, expanding, and maintaining hiring rate. So there’s definitely room for a new batch of employees. But the dilemma of finding that “dream job” still stands, and with this compensation would tend to weigh in as a major factor. So if you’re wondering which careers strike the perfect balance, here is a list of the top moneymaking jobs plus industries that have high employment demand in the country, taken from JobStreet’s 2018 Fresh Graduates Report.




Grazielle Cabaltera

Grazielle Cabaltera

Grace Cabaltera is the Content and Program Manager of Project Ripple.

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