Millennials or sometimes referred to as the woke generation are people who are born from 1980 to 2000. There’s no doubt that this generation has already made an entrance in shaping the workforce, and they’re continuously making waves in various fields. What makes this generation stand out are their burning desire for success and their capability to maximize their timelines. They are driven by their goal to surpass new heights and are unafraid to deviate from traditional standards. These qualities embolden them to be creative in finding ways to survive the everyday stigma.

For a generation that has an entirely different character set and an undeniable impact to society, it’s always useful and significant to take a peek into their intellect and desires. This is why Project Ripple invited three millennials to share how they are able to ignite their passion, fuel their productivity, and define their purpose in this world.



A former student leader at a tertiary school south of Manila believes that passion is his drive “to become someone people would look up to or admire at the very least.” What makes him more productive is the inner desire to work and do as much as he can within a day. As for his purpose, he knows that he serves one that is bigger than he is on the grand scheme of things. “Though I may be a speck of sand on the shore, I know I am not the only one and I am moving along with the universe itself. I am a part of the universe and I have a role to play in it.”



Our second millennial who is a fourth-year college student says that finding one’s passion is the easy part because you’re supposed to know from the beginning “what you love and what gives you satisfaction.” Following it through with productivity is the more difficult stage, according to the soon-to-graduate student, because somewhere along the way the fire tends to die down and leads to a rabbit hole of unproductivity. It’s therefore important for him to keep the passion clear in his mind. It’s the journey of maintaining one’s passion and execution towards productivity, he said, that would pave the way to defining one’s purpose in life. “We’re all people still searching for ourselves, and I think it’s not too late to find [our purpose].”

A production intern at an events agency claims that passion, productivity and purpose make up the trinity mantra of life. Being a multimedia artist as well, she ignites her passion by striving to “define beauty through a blank canvas and create quirkiness through plain simplicity.” Her productivity is pushed forth by her desire to create “aesthetically pleasing content that will feed the hunger of spectators.” At the end of it all, she finds her purpose when her audience is encouraged “to do the same, but in their own interesting way.” And ultimately, she aims to materialize her envisioned creativity to “promote a visually pleasant Philippines.”



These insights and substantial knowledge from millennials who exactly embody Passion, Productivity, and Purpose are living proof that these pillars help them navigate the realm of adulthood easier and much more effectively. In honing their potential, they will surely make a mark of triumph in everything they touch. In reality, millennials have the ability to outsmart their circumstances for they live in their own time. What’s important, though, is that everyone should cherish every moment for it won’t last long. We will grow old and the newer generations will outpace us.


Grazielle Cabaltera

Grazielle Cabaltera

Grace Cabaltera is the Content and Program Manager of Project Ripple.

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